enjoy your stay ♡

this website was made with the total intention of having fun! a few months ago I found out what it is and how to use html & css, and I fell in love, so i started practicing a lot, and today i can say i can manage ;) of course there are many things i still need to learn, but for now i'm pretty satisfied with what i managed to learn on my own ^^ also, any recommendations for this site are always welcome!


general: anime, manga, fashion (emo, scene, lolita, gyaru...), stuffed animals, pixel art, coding, 90's / 00's technology, spongebob's songs (ik i'm weird), food, MUSIC, wild animals (lions, monkeys, tigers, elephants...)...

random: late night drives, puppies, smell of cake when it's ready, rural areas, popcorn, açaí, the color blue, hugs, cicada noises at night...



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